La Dernière Goutte

Cyrille Vuillod comes from the Hautes-Alpes in the South of France and before becoming a full time winemaker he worked in the mountains as a ski instructor. He decided to change his career to winemaking as he enjoyed wine so much. Having picked grapes in the Beaujolais area, he decided to buy vineyards and a house on the edge of Brouilly. Before he went at it alone, Cyrille worked an internship under Jean-Claude Lapalu in 2011 for three years, and in 2012 he produced his first vintage in his own cellar.

All of the grapes he grows are Gamay, but he is buying Riesling and Chardonnay from friends. Everything is basket press and he works fully carbonic maceration for a long time. None of the wines available have added sulfur, although he uses a little sulphur if he needs to.

We discovered Cyrille as we past through the region of Beaujolais on our South of France tour to meet with the other winemakers we currently work with. Cyrille made us feel very welcome and we tasted everything in the cellar and loved it.

Then, during harvest 2020 in Alsace with Domaine Brand, we had an extra special surprise when we realised one day that we were actually harvesting some Riesling for Cyrille to take back to Beaujolais.  

Finally, we found him once more at an intimate socially distanced wine fair. Following the three serendipitous meetings we decided there was no question but to make some of his wine available to you guys via SOMA.