La Bancale

Bastien Baillet and Céline Schuers share a remarkable journey rooted in their love for nature and craftsmanship. Their story began as teenagers, where they discovered their mutual passion for working with their hands and the outdoors. In their early twenties, they made a bold move to the Languedoc region to immerse themselves in agriculture.

Bastien pursued studies in viticulture at Montpellier, while both Bastien and Céline gained hands-on experience working at various Domaines across the Languedoc and the Roussillon. It was during this time that they developed a deep appreciation for the native grape varieties and ancient bush vine vineyards characteristic of Southern France.

Their fascination with old vine Carignan led them to seek apprenticeships with renowned figures such as Jean-Louis Tribouley and Domaine de l’Ausseil, situated in the village of Latour-de-France within the Agly Valley. Here, they were captivated by the intricate terroirs and cooler climate of the Fenouillèdes region, recognizing its potential to produce balanced, terroir-driven wines from indigenous grape varieties.

Motivated by their vision, Bastien and Céline embarked on a quest to acquire their own vineyards. In 2014, they realized this dream by purchasing just over 1 hectare of old vines, marking the beginning of their winemaking venture.

Today, their Domaine encompasses a little under 5 hectares, spread across multiple parcels in 5 different communes. Committed to sustainable farming practices, all of their vineyards are cultivated according to Organic principles, with the Domaine currently undergoing the conversion process for Organic certification.

Bastien Baillet and Céline Schuers' dedication to crafting wines that reflect the unique terroirs of the Fenouillèdes region is evident in their journey, from apprenticeships to vineyard acquisition and sustainable farming practices. Their story exemplifies the passion and determination of individuals driven to create exceptional wines that express the essence of their land.