Weingut Klenk

Weingut Klenk is a family-run winery that's been operating since 1612 in the village of Eckelsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz. 

Armin Klenk took over the winery from his father Fritz and is farming in total around 25 hectares of vines. 

Since 2016, Armin has been converting 5 hectares using organic farming methods. He's not certified organic, but the vines and soil are treated with the love and care Mother Nature intended. 

Armin is working low intervention in the cellar and since 2021 there have been no added sulfites to his organically farmed wines. The older vintages have a small amount of sulfites added for stabilisation. No filtration or fining.

In 2021, Armin decided to stop bottling and labelling his wine. Instead, he began selling most of it to large cooperatives, which these days is becoming less reliable. This is where our project 'Cuve Kollektiv' comes in. We purchase the wine that is produced from his organically farmed vineyards and label it under our Kollektiv project.

The first release of wines (Tanks 13, 32, 33, and 35) were all made by Armin before we started collaborating. Since September 2023, we have been working together to produce the upcoming vintage.