Le Debit d'ivresse

Luc Devot was a cook for 7 years, a fisherman for 3 years, musician, animator, educator. He had many lives before becoming a winemaker. 

He worked his first harvest with Jean-Louis Tribouley, who introduced Luc to natural wines. In the years that followed, many winemakers settled with similar cultivation and vinification methods. Driven by this momentum, and after training with Loïc Roure from Domaine du possible, he became a volunteer at the "La remise" wine fair.

Although Luc had often worked in the vineyard, the three years spent at Philipe Wies winery (Domaine de la petite baigneuse) made him realise the reality of the profession to be a winegrower. Luc's very first vinification was in 2017 and now he works with 4 hectares of vines.