Simone Ambrosini - Indomiti


Simone studied winemaking and viniculture at the Università di Trento e Udine and has been making wine for 10 years, but for other winemakers in Italy and France such as Corte Pavone (Montalcino), Monteforche, Foradori and Domaine Chevrot. Then, in 2018, Simone had his first vintage for his project called Indomiti. 

Situated in his home town, Vicenza (Veneto, Italy), Simone rents different vineyards ("more than organic") and a cellar space, in order to make his project possible.

All of Simone's wines and the art work you see on the bottles, have a beautiful little story sharing something about his journey as a winemaker.

Simone and I met at RAW NYC in 2018, when he was representing the wines of Monteforche and then again at RAW Berlin in 2019, where it was great to see him representing himself!