Domaine de la Touraize

André-Jean and Héléana Morin own the 12 hectare estate, Domaine de la Touraize in Arbois, Jura. André-Jean is the eighth generation to farm in Arbois, a village which in 1936, was among the very first wine producing areas to receive AOC status from the French government.
André-Jean did not study winemaking and oenology. He was taught by his father on the vines and through the glass. André-Jean then went on to study biodynamic methods. Héléana mentioned “We have very friendly relations with our fellow Jura and other vineyard winemakers and we discuss our practices”. Héléana is a registered nurse, but for the last 4 years she has been working full time with her husband, André-Jean.
They began farming organically in 2016. With the exception of some young Savagnin vines, all of the vineyards are hand harvested. All wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts and some have added SO2 to stabilise the wine.