Waiting For Harvest To Begin

We're in Alsace at Domaine Brand et Fils winery waiting to start harvest 2020.

First we must wait for the walnut to fall from the tree before we can begin. As you can see, Daisy is eager to pick those grapes!

🌰 The walnut falling from the tree is an old tradition at the Brand family winery. They have always waited patiently until the walnut tells them the grapes are ready to be picked. It will be intriguing to see how nature evolves in the coming decades due to climate change.

🎥 Produced by - https://www.lkbloom.com/

Directed, shot and edited by Kirsty Hobson

🎙Music by Bryan Hogan and Eben Lillie

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/ennis-and-eben

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Into The Cellar

Into The Cellar

Testing The Grapes

Testing The Grapes