Sonshine Vins

 Lisanne Van Son, sommelier turned winemaker, has had extensive wine experience in her native land, Holland and then in the UK and Belgium. 

In 2013 she came to Montlouis and met Noella Morantin, working a few days a week in the vineyard and cellar. Lisanne credits Noella for helping her fall in love with winemaking. Over the subsequent next years she gained additional experience with other vignerons (winemakers), Bertrand Jousset & Tony Bainbridge in Anjou. At the time she was still living in Belgium and commuting to the Loire for vineyard stints, but this is when she knew she wanted her own project. 

In March 2017 Lisanne made the move to Loire. She studied for a year, and even though she had now gained experience in the vines, she needed to attain the wine-school degree in order to be legally allowed to open a winery and obtain vineyards.

A very small quantity of wine was made in 2016 & 2017 from Cabernet Franc, allowing Lisanne the opportunity to hone her skills. 

Sonshine Vins was created and is established in an old troglodytic cave in Noizay, a short distance from the town of Amboise. 

Purchasing only organic or biodynamic grapes from farmers for natural vinification, with the goal of buying a vineyard of her own one day. 

Lisanne also has a winemaking project in Australia and her 2019 vintage was bottled in February 2020.