Aline Hock - Domaine des Mathouans


Aline Hock is originally from Belgian. She worked 15 years at a bank in Luxembourg in the legal department. During this time, Aline began an oenological and sommelier course because she loved wine so much. To complete the course, she had to train with a winemaker and she chose Lucien Salani from Domaine des Balmettes in Cases de Pène. After this experience Aline could not go back to the bank, nor to Luxembourg, so she moved to the South of France with her family and has been making wine in Latour de France for 10 years now.

I actually met Aline at Salon St Jean in the Loire in February 2018. My friend, Eben, from Chambers Street called me over to taste her wines and I immediately jumped with joy. The connection between us was very real and it was clear that we would one day work together.