What do we offer?

Offering you a selection of premium low intervention wines from our carefully curated portfolio of winemakers. 

Once per month you will receive 3 or 6 bottles that match the season.

From white, red, bubbles or orange wines. 

Subscription box available to anyone living in the EU, delivered directly to your door.

What’s the cost?

Price for the monthly subscription box is;

72€ for 3 bottles*

110€ for 6 bottles*

How does the membership work?

Each month a box of different wines will be delivered to your home. Members are charged monthly and can cancel at any time.

If you are joining the subscription through a special offer, then the minimum subscription time is 3 month's.

How do we find the wines that are included?

We work closely with each winemaker that’s represented through the SOMA VINES portfolio. We choose winemakers who are working low intervention, respecting nature, creating wines that come from the soul and generally good people who love what they do. We have met everyone personally through the wine fairs that happen each year around Europe and we are slowly making our way around their vineyards and cellars. A large majority of our winemakers are exclusive in Germany through SOMA VINES. 

*Where do we ship to, and how much does it cost?

We are currently shipping to 22 countries within the EU, with the hope to ship everywhere eventually. 

If you are living within Germany, then shipping is included in the package price.

If you are living outside of Germany and are one of the countries that we ship too, then shipping costs 20€. 

We use custom wine packaging to protect all shipments whilst in transit, and all orders are trackable.

Please get in contact if you would like to add more bottles to your shipment as we must do this manually from our end.

When should I expect to be charged and receive my box?

Your recurring monthly membership fee will be charged on the first day of each month. We will then send your order out the following days. Delivery times vary between two and six working days, depending on the final destination. If you have any problems with your delivery, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

How do I cancel my membership if I change my mind?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, then we ask you kindly to send us an email letting us know that you would like to leave. We welcome feedback as to why you are cancelling. It is best to let us know before the end of the month before the automatic payment is retrieved from your bank account. We do not charge you for cancelling.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, no problem. You will just need to email us to activate the pause. You have a maximum of 3 months. They can be consecutive or sporadic months.

Can I get a membership as a gift for a friend?

We are working hard to make this possible. If this is something you would like to offer your friend, then please get in touch and we will do what we can to make it happen. We promise not to give away the surprise of course.  

I don't like white wine. Can I trade a wine for something I like?

Unfortunately, we do not offer swap outs. The best thing about choosing a subscription box is to taste things that you wouldn’t normally discover on your own.

How do I receive the descriptions about the wines in the box?

A newsletter with all the information you need will land in your inbox moments before the wines arrive at your door. Here you can find out everything you need to know about your wines. We try to save on paper as much as possible.

What if I'm not home and I can't receive my package?

We kindly ask you to send us an email with some advanced notice and we can change the delivery address to a place that best suits you.

Which service do you use for shipping?

We work with DHL and UPS.