'SOMA for Good' project

Our project, 'SOMA for Good,' is the social impact arm of SOMA VINES. The story of the natural wine movement tells of positive social impact that sustains communities and the environment. 

In 2015 the United Nations agreed 17 Sustainable Development Goals that provided a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. Each one of us can make a difference in our own small way. Small things taken together lead to a global change.

This project supports families, their wineries, their land and biodiversity.

The first family we are supporting is led by a young winemaker called Guillaume, in Ergersheim, Alsace. Their winery dates back to the 18th century and has been run by the family since the beginning.

Guillaume took over from his father (René) in 2008. He stopped using herbicide in 2012 and there has been no further conventional treatment on the land since 2016 when they went fully organic but must wait until 2021 to be officially certified. They have also been Biodynamic since 2018 (but this is without certification).

Previously their business was selling the juice to larger co-operatives. They made the wine, but never bottled or labeled it under their own domain. 

One day, the large Co-ops just stopped buying the juice and Guillaume and his family were left with past vintages which increases to this day.

They now have an entire cellar filled with wine juice and no income as their current status doesn't allow them to sell direct to the consumer or the exporter (this will soon change).

Where do we come in?

We've created the link between the winemaker and you. For your restaurant, bar or private cellar, you can buy your preferred juice and we make a special bottling just for you! You can design your own labels (with or without our expert help) that best fits your establishment or you can leave it to us*.

Your 'own brand' wine* is a great selling point and it makes a compelling story about Guillaume and his family. You can help when it’s really needed and get in early on an established producer who, soon but not yet, will be fully certified.

First partnership

We are now working with Julia Heifer from the restaurant LOK6 in Schöneberg. Once we mentioned this project to Julia, she was on the next train to Alsace to meet Guillaume and his family. 

She chose the Auxerrois, a white grape most favoured in Alsace and throughout Germany.

Instead of travelling yourself to Alsace, you can buy a bottle right now straight from the LOK6 website here!

Want to get involved?

If this sounds like something interesting for you and you'd like to get involved, then get in touch to learn more.

*You choose your designer or leave it to us. We appreciate a mention of SOMA for good supporting winemakers in transition.

*A minimum of 240 bottles to be ordered.

*Prices are reasonable and depend on the specific wine and vintage you choose. All of this to be discussed.