What is SOMA?

In Hindu mythology Soma is both the God of the moon and the name for the elixir of immortality.

The moon has a huge impact on the vines when the growing technique follows the biodynamic rules; the moon's cycle!

I’m Daisy and I am the founder of SOMA VINES. I became interested in the world of wine whilst working at Majestic in London. I was the assistant manager and I liked the customers and I liked the wine tastings. (But I didn’t like lifting boxes of wine so much.)

I was visiting family in NYC one summer 4 years ago, where I started interning at Chambers Street Wines. That’s where I found out about natural wine. Once I'd been introduced to natural wine, industrial wine just ceased to exist. Natural wine tastes better, it’s a living product, and the morning afterwards is greeted with a clear head (depending on how much you drank of course!). In a world where everything's a commodity, natural wine is different. Its supply is always strictly limited. That's one of the reasons why it's so special. Also the winemakers are wonderful and I love to support them.

Choosing wine is tricky. I can help. You place your trust in my hands and I take the responsibility to put the right wine in your glass.

I hand pick a selection of natural wines each month and box up the selection and deliver it to you. The wine comes from all over Europe and every month is different. This will introduce you to the amazing variety and tastes that real wine has.

It brings me great pleasure to bring people together around the world of natural wine. You can be part of it, or if you are already part of the joy of natural wine, we can enjoy it together.


- Daisy Merrick