What is SOMA?

In Hindu mythology Soma is both the God of the moon and the name for the elixir of immortality.

The moon has a huge impact on the vines when the growing technique follows the biodynamic rules; the moon's cycle!

Hi, I’m Daisy and I'm the founder of SOMA VINES. I became interested in the world of wine whilst working and studying at Majestic in London. 

I was visiting family in NYC one summer 4 years ago, where I started interning at Chambers Street Wines. That’s where I found out about natural wine. Once I'd been introduced to natural wine, industrial wine just ceased to exist. Natural wine tastes better, it’s a living product, and the morning afterwards is greeted with a reasonably clear head (depending on how much you drank of course!). In a world where everything's a commodity, natural wine is different. Its supply is always strictly limited. That's one of the reasons why it's so special. Also the winemakers are wonderful and I love to support them.

The wines that you will find on this website are all from winemakers that I've made a personal connection with and loved their wines so much, I wanted to share them with you.

Currently with wines from Italy and France, the selection continues to grow. 

I look forward in continuing to share my wine discoveries with you.

- Daisy Merrick x