L'étranger Vins

Laura and Paulo are a Brazilian couple who moved to Calce in Southern France to begin their winemaking project - L'étranger Vins.

They have 5 hectares and are working with 70+ year old vines. Homemade natural treatments are used to protect the vines and are based on whey + essential oils + plants either fermented or infused. 

They designed the wine cellar themselves and the idea was to reuse an old traditional cellar in the village of Calce, that hadn’t been used for wine making since 1930 and make it more sustainable. 

Now, the roof is thermally isolated with natural products and the structure is made from untreated wood with solar panels added for hot water. 

The cellar is not connected to the sewage, so they recover all the residuals from winemaking in a twelve thousand litre tank and from time to time spread it on an empty plot of land that they have.

Indigenous yeast, no enological products except a very low amount of sulphites 10-25 mg/l.

Their wine labels are based on movies that they love.